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My Dearest Papaw

It makes me feel better to “write” or type it out. I’ve been a mess of emotions this morning. I got a call from my mom at 6:30 this morning as I was getting ready for work. I knew immediately something was wrong. She never calls me so out of the blue, especially so early. 

My wonderful and beloved Papaw passed away early this morning. My heart aches. 

We found out he had cancer sometime last year and he battled as best he could, he stayed so positive which was beautiful. He took it like a champ, he really did. I admire everything about him.

I was lucky enough to have been so close with my grandpa. Some people grow up not knowing them because they passed when they were little. I spent my entire childhood, teen and adult life going to KY to visit him. I have so many wonderful memories. I am who I am because of him. My KY roots are strong and they mean so very much to me. 

I’m upset with myself for letting my life as a working mom take over. I had a card for him that I never mailed because Willa spilled milk on it and I set it up for it to dry, intending to write an endearing message in it about its wrinkled state, saying his great granddaughter was the culprit, that I think about him every single day and to always know how much I love and miss him even if I don’t always call. I should have called. 

This man will always have a very large and special place in my heart. He was the only other man I had left after my dad died. He walked me down the aisle and danced with me at my wedding. He always said, “love you baby” in a special Papaw way that always meant so much to me. 

Life just won’t be the same now that he’s gone. 



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