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September 22nd-Mabon



I wrote about the upcoming Pagan holiday, Mabon, a while back. I was getting so excited for the fall season that I couldn’t help myself! Now the time has finally come and Mabon is upon us! September 22nd is the date it falls upon, and although it’s more symbolic than anything, I feel like this balance between light and dark really allows those of us living in this hemisphere on Earth to embrace “death” and the coming fall and winter months.

I’m so excited, nostalgic and dreamy during this time of year! I always knew there was something more to these feelings and attachments I’ve had since I was young about seasons, smells, “rituals”, traditions, etc. and I’m so glad I finally discovered what that was. Paganism, as a broad term, has really opened up my world and answered so many unanswered questions that felt unfulfilled for a long time

As I’ve said before, balance is huge in my world. Being a Libra, that really goes without saying. I think I’m extremely connected to this particular holiday because there are equal parts of daylight and night, things are still growing, but they are also being harvested, and Earth just seems to be teetering in a happy middle that allows me to feel very grounded. I try to remind myself everyday of this and I like to think all this alignment and balance is the reason things have seemed to fall into place in my life very nicely, right around this time of year. I have literally zero bad energy connected to fall. It’s a beautiful thing and it’s so enlightening to feel the spiritual energy!

Just for a little bit of background once again:


I tend to take a lot of things that come with Paganism more figuratively than literally. If I had my own crops and harvest, I’m sure I could celebrate both ways, but since I don’t at this time in my life, I like to think that now is the time to “reap” the benefits of the positive efforts I have “sown” all year to better my life. I truly believe, again, that if you wish for abundance, you will receive it. I have wished long and hard for it and I have reminded myself to look for it wherever I go, and I can see a difference! That fills me with joy in so many ways.

Let me know if there are any neat rituals, recipes, altars, etc. that you have used in the past! I’d absolutely LOVE people to make their voices heard and help me learn and grow spiritually. Please don’t hesitate to comment.

I will leave you with a cute Susan Branch recipe for Autumn Spiced Cider ❤

I can only imagine how wonderful this makes your house smell!


Just an ordinary southwestern Ohio lady trying to blog!

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