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Work Hard, Love Hard.

I want to spend a little bit of time talking about the craziness of life. My life, that is.

Now, as I have made very clear, I lead a basically “ordinary” life and I’m your typical “everyday” girl (to an extent). With that being said, I think this topic is right up my alley.

The topic? Working mom. Dun dun dun…

These are my #firstworldproblems. 😉




I do a lot.

I’m not one to constantly toot my own horn, but I think it’s silly to be overly modest about how much I actually do as a wife, mom, stepmom, woman, person. I’m not looking for pats on the back or even any real acknowledgement at all, I’m just stating: I do stuff, man.

I moved out of my parents’ house when I was 18 and have been working ever since. I worked as a student for 7 years (and still only ended up with an Associates degree) and have worked several jobs, a few having sculpted my career path into what its become today.

With that being said, my current roles in life are (and not in any particular order, because they’re all important as hell): mom, wife, business woman. Bottom line? I’m a working mom, and being a working mom is tough! I’m not complaining. I’m actually very proud of myself and where I stand today. I feel like I’ve worked my ass off to get here. I have struggled to climb the career ladder for so many years. I just landed a brand new job, doubling my yearly income (hallelujah!) and I’ve done this all while being a mom to two kids. As ordinary and mundane as that sounds, it’s an accomplishment to me. My current job was a huge step in the right direction as far as advancement, but the new one is like a giant leap. I’m more than thrilled to have landed it.


Working full time with two kids is hard on several different levels. I already don’t see Charlotte through the week because she goes to school where her mom lives, and I don’t see Willa until evenings. Those evenings are spent the majority of the hours she is awake, just the two of us. Derek leaves as soon as I get home except on Friday. She goes to bed around 8, but before she does, I’m playing with her, taking care of her, cooking dinner, feeding her, doing various things around the house, etc. I have both kids on the weekend, and in one of my previous posts I talked a little bit about how my weekends feel very “go, go, go” the entire time. They are fun, but they fly by, then I’m back at my desk again, wishing for the weekend and beating myself up about having not had the time to clean the bathroom (or I just didn’t want to because I did the grocery shopping, did the laundry, made and cleaned up countless meals and snacks, changed 500 diapers, AND made sure the kids were happy). These are the struggles and battles I have in my mind all the time. Yes, I need to continue working to better my family’s life, but yes, it does suck not seeing them as often as I’d like, and yes, it also does suck literally have zero free time for just me, or just Derek and me.

Derek and I have really made it a point lately to make sure we don’t lose ourselves in the midst of our everyday lives. Yeah, we’re parents and we have jobs, but we are also individuals with interests and passions and needs. Derek and I hardly understand what it feels like to have any free time. After the kid(s) go to bed every night is the only time we have for just he and I, and that’s only like 2 hours and then we’re ready for bed ourselves. It’s not easy to whisk off on a Saturday to have a date night, because we’d have to get a babysitter. It wouldn’t matter what day of the week it was, there’d always be the need to ask someone else to help us out. There is at least one kid in our house 24/7. That gets tough, but that’s parenthood.

The point in all this, to be perfectly honest, is to vent a little bit. To get all these feelings off my chest and hope that someone, anyone, reads it and can relate. I love support and I especially love support from other women.

Please comment, chat with me, share, anything! I’d love to talk to other ladies who totally get it.






Just an ordinary southwestern Ohio lady trying to blog!

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