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Okay, I just have to take a minute and blog about one of the most random things ever…SNAILS. (Hahaha!)

So last night Derek and I were doing our own thing and I suddenly get a picture message from him of a snail. It was the cutest thing I’ve ever laid eyes on and now I’m completely obsessed! He doesn’t know what he’s done…

I mean, c’mon. Could this be any more adorable?

So basically I now, A.) want a pet snail and B.) want to collect snail things. Move over owls, the snails are moving in! (I have an owl themed kitchen for those of you who didn’t know.)

This is the kind of pet snail I want…AND I WILL GET IT. It’s an “African Giant Snail”. Freaking cutest thing ever.

To be serious for a second, there really is some neat snail art out there. That can hardly be said with a straight face, but really! Take a look!

This is so awesome! A snail moon? Seriously? I want this in my house somewhere.


I think it’s all so beautiful (and quirky), which is the coolest!


So yeah, snails are my thang now. Yeehaw!



Just an ordinary southwestern Ohio lady trying to blog!

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