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And with love comes…



When the person you love is rejected, let down or hurt, you are are capable of feeling that pain through them.


Love comes with highs and lows. You can feel the most intense joy you’ve ever felt, then turn around and feel the sharpest, most significant sorrow.


The person you love the most is often the person who can hurt you the deepest, make you cry the hardest, and make you feel emotions you never thought you could feel before.


When trying to provide for your family, you do all you can to make it happen. You strive to find that better job, you call everyone you can to get what is needed to put something in motion, you ask for help,  and you don’t stop until you get what you desire.


You know it’s true love when you find yourself sacrificing your own happiness for that person, spouse or child.


There are times in a romantic relationship where things get heavy. Love isn’t always enough. It’s necessary to keep things afloat, but it isn’t enough to bring each other what you really need. It can be defeating.


The truest of loves hold no boundaries. We show our truest selves to those we love the most, good or bad, happy or sad, whole or broken.


Just a few insights I wanted to share on a day where I’m feeling things more than usual.








Just an ordinary southwestern Ohio lady trying to blog!

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