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Time Flies (cliche, but true)


Our oldest daughter is starting Kindergarten tomorrow! 😥


I like referring to my stepdaughter as “our oldest”, or something along those lines, because although she knows she is my stepdaughter and I am her stepmom, it feels so much less divided when it’s referred to that way. Love is love, family is family, no matter the titles and labels.


It’s crazy that the little chubby cheeked, newly turned 2 year old that I remember when I first came into her and my husband’s life, the one who was obsessed with Elmo, Wonder Pets and running around the house in a diaper, is GOING TO KINDERGARTEN! Holy moly. She was dropped off with her mom this morning, and now (as of tomorrow) begins her 12 year school career; a new chapter in her life and ours.

It’s one of the most cliche things to say. “Time Flies”. It  really does though. We now have a school-age kid, about to turn 6 years old, and a wild little toddler, nearly 2 years old. When I think back on the last 4 years, there have been highs and lows (sometimes extreme highs or lows). The stepmom gig has been a life altering thing for me. If I could see myself in this role 4 years ago, I’d probably laugh at my clumsiness or uncertainty.  I have grown and evolved into the mom I am today because I was given the awesome opportunity to be a mom to Charlotte first. I got to see what it felt like to put someone before myself before actually giving birth. It was such a blessing and I believe I am a better mom to Willa because of it.


And for that ^, I am grateful.


I recently read another blog post by a stepmom and it really hit home. She listed all the reasons why being a stepmom before a mom has been a positive impact on herself as a woman and a biological mother. It’s all so true. Being able to know what it feels like to be in that role before technically have that title is HUGE. At least it is if you’re like me. I’m sure everyone feels differently. It also makes me want to hug Willa that much harder because I have her with me always. No back and forth, no shared time, no planning schedules and vacations around someone else’s life. It’s difficult having to do that with Charlotte. There’s a lot of things both sides miss out on because of that split time, and I can’t imagine how hard that must be for her mom, so I am thankful on so many different levels.



*If you want to share or comment or anything at all, please feel free. As I’ve said before, I love being a part of something and I love when people are able to relate. It’s a nice feeling!*


Oh, and look at this child!  I seriously found this on my phone this morning and had to share. This picture is the definition of Charlotte in visual form. She took this of HERSELF and it’s awesome and beautiful!





Just an ordinary southwestern Ohio lady trying to blog!

4 thoughts on “Time Flies (cliche, but true)

  1. I remember sending our oldest (my stepson) to kindergarten and I was so excited and happy for him. I didn’t get very emotional about him starting, I was just more excited. When our youngest (my step daughter) started kindergarten 2 years later is when I got emotional. That was hard. I’ve been with them since they were 18 months and 2 years old and watching them BOTH leave me to go on and conquer the world really tugged at my heart strings. ❤ best of luck to Charlotte!

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