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My Strange Addiction:Cemetery Edition

I am very drawn to cemeteries. There are several around the area I live that are full of the old, crooked tombstones from the 18th and 19th centuries. Those are my favorite. 😏 There’s such a peaceful and spiritual feeling in cemeteries. The ones I visit or plan to visit are enveloped in serenity and trees and wildlife. There’s always a stillness in the air that allows you to really reflect on all the lives those people below your feet may have lived, and also a chance to reflect on your own life. 

My favorite cemeteries around here are “Silver Street Cemetery”in Lebanon, the old Pioneer Cemetery in Lebanon on Main Street, “David Cemetery”in Kettering, and “Mt. Zion Shoup Cemetery” near Beavercreek (where my dad rests). 

Recently I went to the one on Silver Street in Lebanon and snapped some pretty pictures during my visit. I’ve gone to that one several times just because once you enter its gates, the whole atmosphere changes. You can no longer hear cars driving along the residential streets or people talking outside on their porches or sirens going off at the fire station. Once you’re in there, the loudest sounds you may hear are the chirping of the birds or cicadas, and the whispering of the wind through the tree branches. It’s meditative and beautiful. 

I’ll share some of the pictures I took for you readers and hope you enjoy them. Try to imagine it the way I saw it and the feeling it gave me. It’s pure tranquility. 

There’s another cemetery I plan on visiting very soon located in Waynesville, a small historic town close to Lebanon. I’m sure I’ll  capture some photos there as well. 

*A cool side note: with the fall season fast approaching, Lebanon and Waynesville will be hosting spirit tours in the most haunted places in town. They also do living history cemetery tours in Lebanon. I am stoked, to say the least! *



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