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The Little Things, Continued

imageHidden Valley Fruit Farm. It’s just an old barn on the side of St. Rt. 48 N. There’s something about that old barn that always brings out the very best and most magical moments in my little family.

While I was still pregnant with Willa,  Derek and I brought Charlotte there to enjoy the atmosphere, pet/feed the animals, play and jump in the bouncy castle. I mused about how sweet it would be once both my girls would go back together and jump in that castle, playing and having the best sister fun. It happened! I swear, the smallest things in life bring me so much joy!

The trip wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. Willa still whined for me to pick her up after having been there for like 20 minutes, and Charlotte still talked a few octaves above normal speaking level, needing to be hushed. Business as usual. But, I don’t know…there’s just something in the air at the place. Watching the girls run around, play house, do the kid maze, and of course, jump in that famous bouncy castle, really pulls at my mommy heart strings. It’s like all the woes of day to day life cease there. I stopped thinking about the monotony of work, the bills that still need to be paid, the small frustrations of toting two small children around in public. It’s carefree and blissful. We left Hidden Valley in great moods, pastries for next morning in tow, already so eager to go back again. In the fall they have hayrides, pumpkin and apple picking, and all other fall festivities you can imagine. (Swoon!) Needless to say, we will find ourselves back at that little roadside attraction sooner rather than later.

Sometimes I try and think about what kind of person I am and I realize, each one of the layers that stack together to create Dusty are filled with honey, maple syrup, and any other sticky sweet sap that acts as the glue of my personality. Thinking back on moments like we had at Hidden Valley, or any comparable experience, well my eyes with tears of happiness. The littlest thing in life are what truly resonate with me and what makes my little world go ’round.



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