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On Hypocrisy

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I am not someone who tends to get overly riled up about any certain thing. Yes, I have moments where things bug me and I’ll vent to my husband or my best friend for a few minutes and move on. However, I’m certain we all have one or two things that really do set us off considerably compared to those small annoyances in life. Mine in particular is hypocrisy.

Due to hypocrisy, I have found myself in a raging fit of yelling and crying (which is extremely out of my character). I have found myself making rash decisions I later feel silly about after I’ve come down from my bout of temporary insanity. I have found myself seeking out any kind of something I can find to relate to just so I know I can’t be the only one who’s been affected in this manner. Just typing this out makes me feel like my blood pressure is rising, as I’m rehashing all the instances that have turned me into a madwoman due to someone else’s pure lack of self awareness.

My point in this tiny soapbox rant is this (and I am by no means saying I am perfect and have never been hypocritical about anything in my life): Please. PLEASE. Try to put yourself in another person’s shoes in any given situation. Do this when it involves you personally and do it when it doesn’t, and ESPECIALLY do it once you are put in a position where you are able to understand something firsthand, where maybe you couldn’t before. I know this may sound super vague, but I do not want to hash out personal details that have spiraled down a rabbit hole that has created my ultimate pet peeve. Kindness, honesty and understanding are very respectable qualities. It can be difficult sometimes, and it can be a test to your patience, but it really means something to others (and yourself) when you are. Be self aware. Not to the point where you are self conscious, but self aware of things that you are putting out into the world through your words and your actions. There is nothing worse (in my opinion obviously) than someone so hypocritical that it blinds them to all the double standards they are setting.

Bottom line:

Practice what you preach or don’t preach it.

Good day.




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