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Oh, hi August. We meet again.

When August comes, it really hits me hard how much I long for the fall. I have already made a blog post about the fall and how it affects me. It’s something that must have attached itself at my birth and has continued to grow and grow into something that isn’t just an excitement anymore, it’s an entire part of my heart. I honestly don’t know how to describe it better than that. When I start thinking about the autumn months, I get this feeling of inexplicable joy, like when you’re little and you’re waiting and anticipating for Christmas Eve to come. I will sometimes catch myself welling up with tears at the thought of sitting in my cozy house as the leaves change, drinking a cup of coffee as the kids play. It’s almost ridiculous, but it’s not something I can help. I am so extremely excited this year, especially because Willa, my youngest, is walking now and she can be more involved with Trick-Or-Treat. Plus, now we live in a cute little neighborhood where I know there will be tons of other kids walking around collecting candy on that haunted eve. We’ve never lived in a “subdivision” before and although I’d rather be in a cool, old house with lots of history and more of a yard, there are definitely some perks to living where we are currently.

I’ve also really become in tune with my spiritual side and it’s taken the shape of some smash up between Paganism and Wiccan. Hear me out on this because I know it can sound silly when you hear someone label themselves “wiccan” or “pagan”. There’s a lot more to it though. A lot that I’ve studied and will continue to study for the rest of my life. There’s something about those “religions” that really call to me. It has from a young age, and I can’t help but feel extremely at home and connected to anything that has to do with those subjects. I don’t say that I am any certain religion, but I definitely have leanings to those. The fall season is really deep seeded in Paganism. The upcoming Lammas holiday on August 2nd is all about reaping what you’ve sown all summer and celebrating all the earth has given you. Even if you haven’t personally grown a garden or harvested crops, with true intention, there’s so much you can do to still be a part of the celebration. I personally want to bake a loaf of bread from scratch and cook a small, yet abundant dinner.

Aaaand speaking of abundance. If you seek abundance, you will find it. That is a really huge thing that really works if you want it to. I think that’s what I love so much about the fall and what hooks it and reels it into my heart. There’s something about fall, the weather changing, festivities starting, families gathering together, that provide an intense amount of abundance of joy, happiness, warm and fuzzies, love, etc. I could go on and on about it. I am always and forever welcoming of the abundance of all things above and am working on abundance of patience, understanding, and acceptance. These are all things I’m sure all of us could work on in our lives, and if we really want it, we can have it.

Fall is upon us, friends, and this lady is more than thrilled (as you can tell)!



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