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Things I Wont Do For My Stepdaughter

It’s comforting to read something that correlates so much with your own life.

Love, Lee

I love you, but somethings I cannot/will not  for you:

1. I wont play favorites
I love you, I love your step sister. But I will never play favorites; I will always love you just as much as her. No you didn’t come from my body like she did, but I did fall in love with you just the same, and I had a choice whether or not to love you, and I do, unconditionally.

2. I won’t compete for your love
Yes, you are only with us half the time, yes the rules are 100% different here than they are at your moms. Yes, we constantly hear that you don’t want to be here, because Mom is more lax, gives you sugar, and is more “fun”, but I refuse to bribe you for your love. No, I won’t take you on a million shopping sprees, go out to eat…

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