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I Always Fall For Fall

 I am infatuated, adore, LOVE the fall. It’s a time of year that always gives me butterflies in my stomach, and it’s getting worse as I get older.

I think when I was a kid I got excited for fall because my birthday is in October, but now that birthdays aren’t quite as exciting (they’re still a little exciting) and getting another year old doesn’t involve much more than a groan(:P), it’s evolved into something else.

Here is a list of things that makes fall the best season in the world to me:

Clothes: There’s just something wonderful and cozy about being able to wear boots and sweaters without having to wear a big bulky coat just yet. Plus, fall clothes are just exceptionally cute.

Home decor: The beautiful colors associated with fall give off such a warm feel and it’s so much fun to create that in your home. I always go into craft mode when fall roles around. I Pinterest like crazy. This year I plan to use a stove-top recipe to make your home smell like fall. It’s so much fun to use creativity to make your home look and smell how happy and content you feel.

Weather: Not many people will argue that fall weather is not the best thing ever. The humidity (and Ohio has no lack of that) leaves the air and is replaced with crisp perfection. My naturally wavy hair no long turns into an annoying frizzball that doesn’t do what I want it to, and the leaves on the trees are a sight fit for any work of art. No wonder I got married in the fall! Outdoor fall wedding pictures are marvelous.

Festivities: Fall brings out the most fun things to do. There is nothing like looking forward to a weekend at a local pumpkin patch, picking them out with the kids in all their many shapes, sizes, and textures. Drinking hot apple cider and taking a gallon home. Feeling the leaves crunching under your feet as you walk around looking at all the cute things for Halloween and Thanksgiving. Going to pick out Halloween costumes (or the stuff to make one). Getting together with family. Having bonfires where the weather is just cool enough that you want to stay close to the flames that crack and sizzle and warm your skin. And the smell of a bonfire wafting through the air as you’re driving down a country back road during the fall is heavenly.

These are just a few reasons I could pull off the top of my head as to why I love this season so very much. It’s always held a place in my heart ever since I can remember. Now that I have little ones, it’s so exciting to pass it along to them and do all the fun things I loved doing as a kid, and it makes it that much easier because my love for those things has only grown.

Happy (almost) fall, everyone!

Until the next time…


Here is that recipe for making your house smell like fall! Just follow or copy/paste the link 🙂



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