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The Little Things

What I’ve noticed about life is that the smallest things are what keep me happy. I live in Ohio and we go through a pretty decent round of four seasons throughout the year (although our winters feel like eternity sometimes). As most people will agree, fall is one of the best seasons there is. Not only do the days start losing some of that awful humidity, but you start to smell the very particular aroma of bonfires drift through the air, you see pumpkin farms spring to life full of their vibrant colors and any kind of apple you can imagine made into any kind of dessert or drink you can imagine. There’s also the trees. Those wondrous trees that change into a million shades of yellow, orange, red, brown. They all converge together to create this conglomeration of emotions that range from nostalgia to right here in the present.

This past weekend my husband and I took my stepdaughter to a fruit farm where they have a rustic setting in front of a large apple orchard and corn field. Inside there are many different homemade food items: apple cider, Amish pies, pickles from a giant barrel, bushels of apples and other fruits and veggies, etc. There is also cute home decor, an ice-cream parlor section and all the home canning and jam making items you could think of. Along with all these things that mostly cater to adults, there is a children’s area that has a play set, maze, tunnel and animal area with chickens, pigs, goats, sheep and rabbits. A main part of the kids’ area is a bounce house shaped like a castle for kids to go inside of and jump to their heart’s content. The three of us went on a Thursday evening and had the whole place to ourselves! It was really fun and we stayed for almost 2 hours. My husband got inside the bouncy castle with my stepdaughter and it was the cutest thing ever. I recorded a video of them and posted it for our friends and family to see. All around, it was a really fun experience and I hope we do it again before the fall season is over.

Going back to the point of this story; the little things. I have always been the type of person to be perfectly content with the smallest things that make my personal world a better place. What made me want to write about this in particular, however, is something my husband said, and it is something I have learned more in the past 2 years than I have my entire life. I know this doesn’t apply to everyone in the world, but he told me later on that no one is really “ready” for kids until you find out you’re having one, then it turns into something you can’t live without. He said seeing the pure fun and happiness that bouncy castle brought her is really one of the main sources to his happiness in life. That really touched me and I’m understanding that more and more as my stepdaughter grows and she and I get closer, and also now that I’m expecting her little sister in January. I truly can’t wait until my girls can jump in that castle together at 8 and 4 and my stepdaughter and husband can run and chase the little one and bring her that same joy and happiness that was brought upon us the first time.

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