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Here I Am

I am Dusty.

I’m really a very ordinary girl. 

I’m a wife, a stepmother, a soon-to-be mother, an employee, a friend, a woman.

I’d say I’m ordinary because there are so many women that can also fill these shoes. I have, just like many, many others, grown into the person I am today because of how I was raised, the friends I chose, the things I decided were cool and uncool, what I decided my goals were in life, and especially, the choices I’ve made along the way.

I’d say so far, aside from a few small and large “bumps” (potholes?) in the road, things have fallen into place how I envisioned them.

Here is my oh so ordinary list of events so far:


-traveled through childhood (good times, bad times, getting in trouble, being praised, having birthday parties, feeling inadequate, doing my schoolwork, making friends, being gossipy, losing friends, tra la la)

-went to high school (all of the above)

-graduated high school

-went to college (wasted tons of money not really know exactly what I wanted to do with my life, ending up with an Associate’s Degree in Liberal Arts after 6 years of classes)

-got married (25 was a good age, I thought.)

-got pregnant (will be 26 when she is born)


So that has been my life, in a very cut and dry way of putting it. 

The truth is that I’ve always thought myself to be someone special, or exceptional, but when I look back on everything that I’ve done and everything that will be my future (as far as I can see), I’m just an everyday girl leading an everyday life. The great part about all of it is I’m 100% okay with all of it. In between all my milestones throughout my life, I’ve had some really great times and I have made some wonderful memories in the process, and I’ve also had some extremely tough times that have completely changed me from one day to the next, literally. I’ve worked at jobs where I have made lifelong friends who have also sculpted me into what kind of person I always want to be and I have also worked at jobs where I’ve witnessed the kind of person I would never (in a million years) want to be. 

It’s so funny how all the little tiny things that add up in a person’s life continue to turn them into who they are. It’s ever-changing and constant all at the same time. Who I was at 16 is certainly not who I am at 26, but at the same time, it completely is.

I just want to finally create a place where I can be completely honest and relay my “everyday” thoughts, grievances, joys, new milestones, etc. I have tried my hand at blogs before and I really want to make this one work.


Here goes 🙂 



Just an ordinary southwestern Ohio lady trying to blog!

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